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Welcome to Plano VBC Children Ministry

At PlanoVBC, we believe in teaching our children about Christ and the Christian way of thinking and living, so that they will be rooted in Christ and in the Word of God.

OUR VISION: - To see our children excited to come to Church to learn about God and to fellowship.

  • (Love your God with all your strength) - To see our children be affirmed with confidence in their faith and knowledge of God.
  • (Love your God with all your mind)  - To see our children being salt and light to their community by transformation of mind and heart into Christlikeness, modeling  Christ through kindheartedness. (Love your God with all your heart, love your neighbors as yourself)

MISSION: PVBC Children Ministry exist to train children to a better understanding of God and to emulate Christ though love and service.  

2017 Theme - Building a House

I. Must have a strong foundation
  1) Make sure that children know the answer to the following questions:
       A) What is Christianity?
       B) Who is Jesus Christ?
        C) What did Jesus come for?
        D) How can one receive Jesus?
   2) Introduce the ABC's of Christianity
      A-Admit that we are sinner
      B-Believe that Jesus died on the cross for us
      C-Cost of discipleship
II. Must have and choose the right type of wall and roof that would uphold and protect from the
   external environment.
    1)Give the students the knowledge to know what to do and say when they are confront with temptation
       A)Ten Commandments
       B)God's teaching on how to act at Christian.
     2) Introduce the WWJD-"What Would Jesus Do"
III. Maintenance of the house-Have the right care taker for the house
     1) Inviting Jesus into your house
Special Event- Have challenge for the students to read the whole bible by the end of the year.
  • Quarterly Sunday Awards: Each child will receive a report card monitoring three aspects: Participation, Service (Do Good), and 
  • Mannerism (Do No Harm). Each Sunday, they can get up to a maximum of 15points. Each child will get an award for getting 75% 
  • of the total points possibly earn.  

Quarterly Special Awards: Highest point per category. 

· Best Participation Award 

· Service Recognition Award 

· Best Behavior Award